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Hey everyone we made it to another Friday! Come out and enjoy the bar while you still can! Whether you enjoy a craft beer here or at home I hope you have a great Friday! New and Returning Today: -Saugatuck Stout Pack 12pk cans -Stone 12 Days of IPAs 12pk -Whole Hog Hazelnut Brownie 6pk -SweetWater H.A.Z.Y. IPA 6pk -Untitled Art Loaded French Toast 16oz single -Untitled Art Sweet & sour Grapefruit IPA 16oz single -Ohio Brewing Jingle Bell Ale 6pk -Thirsty Dog Old Choco 6pk -Thirsty Dog Siberian Night 4pk -Duck Rabbit Wee Heavy Scotch Ale 6pk -Oddside Juicy Contradiction 6pk -Oddside Mayan Mocha 4pk -Anchor Christmas 6pk -Strainge Beast Passionfruit 12oz 6pk -Strainge Beast Ginger 12oz 6pk -R. Shea Aliens, Hearts, and Dogs 16oz 4pk -Two Roads Holiday Ale 6pk


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