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Food Truck next Saturday!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Don't forget to join us next Saturday (May 1st) for the first day of May the 4th be with you featuring Smoke This - Craft Pit BBQ and Catering! Good food and good beer? What more could you want?! New in Today: -Sierra Nevada Strainge Watermelon 6pk -Sierra Nevada Strainge Raspberry 6pk -Flying Dog Kulture King 6pk -Bell's Incessant 6pk -R. Shea Twitchy Mexican Custapec 16oz 4pk -Ellicottville Pineapple Upside Down Cake 16oz 4pk -Ellicottville There's something about Cherry 6pk -Ellicottville Chilanga 6pk -Hi-Wire Mango WOW! 16oz 4pk -Elysian Mixed 12pk -Breckenridge Strawberry Sky Kolsch 6pk


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