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Happy Friday everyone! Check the images for our new menu! New in Today: -Voodoo Brewing Lacto-Kooler 16oz single -Goose Island 312 Shandy 6pk -Destihl Pina Colada Gose 4pk -Destihl Hawaii 6pk -Surly Give the Devil His Due 16oz 4pk -21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon 6pk -Wolf's Ridge Essential IPA 6pk -Wolf's Ridge Ides of Haze 6pk -Wolf's Ridge Dire Gorgon -Hofbrau Maibock 6pk -Blake's Strawberry Lemonade 6pk -Anderson Valley Briny Melon 6pk -Evil Twin Blue Raspberry 16oz 4pk -Decadent Coconut Swirl 16oz single -Decadent Coconut Custard Donut 16oz single -Decadent Orange Gusher 16oz single -Fat Orange Cat Aquacat 12oz single -Fat Orange Cat Severe Tire Damage 16oz single -Marlowe Artisanal Ales Replacing Memories 16oz single -Marlowe Artisanal Ales Ploosh 16oz single -Ace Mango 6pk -Maine Lunch 16.9oz single -Maine Spring 16.9oz single -Maine Wolf's Necklace 16.9oz single -Clown Shoes DDH Yeeehaaw 16oz 4pk -Clown Shoes Tropical Blender 16oz 4pk -Clown Shoes Space Cupcake 16oz 4pk -Clown Shoes Mango Kolsch 16oz 4pk -Waterloo Watermelon Radler 16oz 4pk -Flying Monkey Grand Terrestrial Rhapsody 16oz 4pk


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