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Friday Means New Beers!

It's the last Friday or September! Let's end it with a bang here at 101 Bottles! Come enjoy $1.00 off drafts until 7:00pm! A lot of new beer today!

New in Today:

-St. Bernardus Tokyo 4pk

-Fat Orange Cat Bruno the Baby Beer Cat 16oz Single

-Fat Orange Cat Write Drunk Edit Sober 16oz Single

-Omnipollo Agamemnon 16oz Single

-Omnipollo Hilma 16oz Single

-Evil Twin Even More Jesus 16oz Single

-Stillwater Sparkling Citrus Haze Seltzer 4pk

-Stillwater Sparkling Electric Yuzu Seltzer 4pk

-Stillwater Sparking Ritual Pineapple Seltzer 4pk

-Stillwater Sparkling Rose Rose Seltzer 4pk

-Stillwater Hot Pink 16oz Single

-Stillwater Sparkling IPA Seltzer Dank Citrus 16oz Single

-Stillwater Dry White Sour Ale Seltzer 16oz Single

-Nightmare Brewing Comlumbian Necktie 16oz Single

-Jolly Scholar Beer Here American Lager 6pk

-Working Class Aviator 6pk

-SingleCut Shoegazer 3xDH IPA 16oz Single

-SingleCut The Flash in the Middle Aussie IPA 16oz Single

-Left Hand Peanut Butter Milk Stout 6pk can

-Stone Enjoy By 6pk can

-Old Nation Boss Tweed 16oz 4pk

-BirdFish Harvest Haze 16oz 4pk

-Birdfish Peach the World 16oz 4pk

-Birdfish Boats and Gose 16oz 4pk

-Odd Side Mango Peach Dank Juice 6pk

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