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Spooky Tuesday

It's a very spooky Tuesday here at 101 Bottles. Come enjoy $2 off Bourbon pours until 8:00pm and maybe grab a Pumpkin beer or Oktoberfest on the way out!

New in Today:

-Southern Tier Pumking 16.9oz Single

-Southern Tier Pumking 4pk

-Southern Tier Warlock 4pk

-Platform Fruit Hoops 16oz 4pk cans

-Great Lakes Oktoberfest 6pk

-Great Lakes Oktoberfest 12pk

-Steven's Point Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale 6pk

-R. Shea Bluemonberry Shandy 16oz 4pk cans

-R. Shea Phoenix Project 16oz 4pk cans

-R. Shea Dark Angel Project 16oz 4pk cans

-Melvin Boom Shakazacca 4pk cans

-Melvin Sampan Imp Lager 16oz Single can

-Melvin Sour Soul 16oz Single can

-Equilibrium Energy Equals 16oz Single can

-Equilibrium MC2 16oz Single can

-Equilibrium Photon 16oz Single can

-Equilibrium Wavelength 16oz Single can

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