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Wednesday! It's time for beers! Check out these new arrivals today

-Stillwater Ducksauce 4pks -Evil Twin Surf (Shrimp and Lobster Sour) 16oz -Evil Twin Turf 16oz -Evil Twin Even More Pecan Pie 4pks -Evil Twin The Real Hr. Frederickson 11.2oz -Nightmare Brewing Glasglow Smile 16oz -Omnipollo Yellow Belly 12oz -Fat Heads Groovy Juice 6pks -Jackie Os Ten Pound Lockpick 12oz -Urban Artifact Photobooth 6pks -Crafted Prickly Pear Honey Badger 12.7oz -Three Floyds Lazersnake 4pks -Heavy Seas Sun Burst 6pks -Heavy Seas Cannon Crew 12pks -Shorts Shortsicle 6pks

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