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Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Come on by on March 16th and enjoy some awesome beers by Stone and El Segundo at our Stone Cold Steve Austin and Stone event!

New in Today: -Stone, Peak Conditions 6pk -Melvin, Mind Bloom 16oz -21st Amendment, Peet's Coffee IPA 6pk -Short's, Critterless 6pk -New Belgium, Starship IPA 6pk -Corona, Seltzer Variety 12pk Other New Arrivals: -Abita, Spring IPA 6pk -Columbus, Bodhi 6pk cans?! -R. Shea Twitch 4pk cans -R. Shea Rubber City Red 6pk cans -North High, Times 6pk cans -Nowhere in Particular, Don't Drive on the Railroad Tracks 4pk cans -Founders, Unraveled 6pk cans -New Belgium, Mural Cerveza Fresca 12pk cans -Troeg's, Haze Charmer 6pk cans -Rhinegeist, Cordially Yours 500ml -Goose Island, Rhubard 312 4pk cans -Melvin, Cloudy 3000 4pk cans

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