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Friday is finally here!

Friday is finally here! New beers and new beer menu! Lets welcome Peak Brewing into Ohio today!

-Columbus Insane Wanderer Vol. V 6pks -New Belgium Peach Kick 6pks -Peak Brewing Autumn IPA 6pks -Peak Brewing Key Lime Pie IPA 4pks -Peak Brewing IPA 6pks -Peak Brewing 12pk Variety -Peak Brewing The Juice 4pks -Peak Brewing Grapefruit Hibiscus 6pks -Peak Brewing Blackberry Lime 6pks -Around the Bend Oktoberfiesta 4pks -Around the Bend Juice Trials 4pks -Hofbrauhaus Dunkel 6pks -Hofbrauhaus Fest Bier 6pks -Hofbrauhaus Hefe 6pks -Two Roads Roadsmary's Baby6pks

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