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Tuesday Booze-Day!

Happy Tuesday Booze-day! Today's happy hour runs 11am-8pm today:

-$2.00 off all bourbon mixed drinks & shots

-$1.00 off draft beer

New Arrivals:

-Southern Tier Creme Brulee 22oz

-Southern Tier Thick Mint 22oz

-Southern Tier Salted Caramel 22oz

Tomorrow: Jackie O's Barrel Aged Tap Takeover with Bourbon Street Barrel Room serving cajun tacos! Event kicks off at 6pm! Bottle release at 6pm: Black Mask & BA Champion Ground! Special Jackie O's snifters are $5.00 extra with the purchase of a Jackie O's barrel aged beer, or $7.50 if purchased separately! Come check out all that we have to offer--we hope to see you here! Cheers!

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