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101 Welcomes Tallgrass Brewing

Fridays are a great day for beers! Enjoy $1.00 off all drafts until 8pm, and stop in to check out our new arrivals:

10 Barrel Joe IPA 6pk

Avery Coconut Porter 22oz

Avery Twenty Four Imperial IPA 22oz

Avery Tequilacerbus 12oz

Dark Horse BBA Tres Blueberry 4pk

Dark Horse BBA Tres Blueberry 12oz

Dark Horse BBA Toonilla 12oz

Lagunitas Lagunator 22oz

North High High Weyer DIPA 6pk can

Not Your Fathers Mountain Ale 6pk Tallgrass Key Lime Pie 6pk can

Tallgrass 8-bit Pale Ale 6pk can

Tallgrass Raspberry Jam 6pk can

Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat 6pk can

Tallgrass Variety 12pk can

Thirsty Dog Bernese Barleywine 750ml

Three Floyds Arctic Panzer Wolf 22oz *1 per customer

White Birch Black Cherry Berlinner 6pk can

White Bitch Peach Berlinner 6pk can Wild Ohio Mango Hops 6pk can

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