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Boozy Tuesdays and More

-Harpoon Interrobang 22oz (18% Coffee Stout) -Abita Bourbon Barrel Aged Chocolate Stout 22oz -Abita Vanilla Dog 22oz -Epic Brainless On Cherries 22oz -Wynridge Barn Dog 6pks (chocolate vanilla porter) -Wynridge Cranberry Cider 6pks -Wynridge Craft Cider 6pks -Long Trail Barrel Aged UnEarthed 6pks -Troegs Mad Elf 6pks -Abita Christmas Ale 6pks -Lagunitas Born Yesterday 6pks -New Belgium Ben and Jerrys 6pks -New Belgium Accumulation 6pks

Also today is Boozy Tuesdays -$2.00 off all Bourbon Drinks 11am-8pm -$1.00 off all drafts 11am-8pm

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