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ABV Law is no more! Cheers Ohio!!

Today is Ohio's big day for beer lovers. The ABV law has officially been lifted!!! The beers will start to trickle in starting this week!! Also please remember guys, supplies will be limited on this stuff. Sign up for our text alerts by texting 101BOTTLES to 91944 to make sure you hear about the latest arrivals and specials. -$1.00 off all drafts until 8pm -$2.00 off all drafts until 8pm Today's arrivals -Against the Grain Kamen Knuddeln 4pks -B Nektar Appli PI 12.7oz -Ei8ghtball Daltons Kriek 6pk -Ei8ghtball Mike Czech Pils 6pks -Ei8ghtball Prodigal 6pks -Fat Heads Trail Head (one per cutomer) -Jolly Pumpkin Cucurbitophobia 750mL -Jolly Pumpkin Saison X 750mL -Left Hand Rye on the Prize 22oz -Ommegang Grains of Truth 6pks -Mikkeler 10th Anniversary 750mL -Hoppin Frog Toris the Tyrant 22oz (one per customer)

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