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Wednesday's New Beers!!!!

New Beers Today -Stone 20th Anniversary Citracado 22oz -Dogfish Head Seaquenchale 6pks -Fat Heads Trail Head 6pks (limit one per person) -Revolution Mosaic Hero 6pks -Shorts Autumn Ale 6pks -Sixpoint Tesla 6pks -Mortal Kombat Scorpion Stout 22oz -Mortal Kombat Sub Zero IPA 22oz -Urban Family Limesicle 500mL -Urban Family Delicious Ambiguity 500mL -Urban Family Temporary Permanence 500mL -Urban Family Agronomy 500mL -Evil Twin Liquid Double Fudge 22oz -Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break 16oz cans -Evil Twin Imperial Doughnut Break 22oz -Evil Twin Aun Mas Cafe Jesus 11.2oz

-Elysian Night Owl 6pks Happy Hour Ends at 8pm -$1.00 off all all drafts -$2.00 off all glasses of wine Dont forget to sign up for even more specials Text 101BOTTLES to 91944 so you don't miss out on anything!

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