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Boozy Tuesdays!

Today's specials 11am-8pm

-$2.00 off all Bourbon Drinks

-$1.00 off all drafts from

New In Today

-North High Grapefruit Walleye 6pks

-Epic Tart N Juicy 6pks

-Single Founders Devil Dancer 12 (2 per person)

-Lagunitas Down Low Ale 22oz

-Clown Shoes Whammy Bar 6pks

-Clown Shoes Mango Kolsch 6pks

-Dominion Morning Glorry Espresso Stout 6pks

-Dominion Hop Lips 6pks

-Dominion Double D IPA 6pks

New Kegs Today for sale

-New Belgium Citradelic

-SweetWater IPA

-SweetWater Going Coastal IPA

-LongTrail Green Blaze

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