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Battle Royal Results Are In!!!

The results of our Pumpkin vs. Cider vs. Oktoberfest Event are in!!!! The winner of this year's Battle Royal, for a single beer with the most ounces poured and highest number of sales was:

Bell's Octoberfest!

This is the first year that a pumpkin beer has not been named the official Champion of the 101 Bottles Battle Royal!!

The winner for the most ounces/beers poured by style in 2015: PUMPKIN!

Oktoberfest Beers missed winning the most popular style category by approximately 116oz (which was only shy by about 7 pints)!

Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in this year's event! And a very special thank you to The Orange Truk for providing us with some super tasty beer and cider infused food! Cheers!

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