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That's a lot of Beer!

Happy Friday! It's a great day to drink and relax. The Holidays are over and with obligations at an all time low why not come in and enjoy a delicious craft beer or cocktail at our lovely bar? New in Today: -Sibling Revelry Mocha Oatmeal 6pk -Platform Open Market 6pk -Platform Gymday Shorts 6pk -Platform Preem Light Lager 6pk -Saucy Numb Nuts 16oz 4pk -Rhinegeist Existential Apple 500mL -Rhinegeist Science Fiction 500mL -R. Shea Gose into Effect 16oz 4pk -Troegs Nugget Nectar 6pk cans -Noble Beast Graf Vienna 16oz 4pk -CLAG Brewing Seeing Clear American IPA 16oz 4pk -Brewing Projekt Smoofee 16oz single -Great Lakes Irish Ale 6pk -Sierra Nevada Wanderland 6pk -Truly Tea Variety 12pk -Founders KBS Maple Mackinac Fudge 12oz single (Limit 2) -Maine Brewing Mean Old Tom 16.9oz -Maine Brewing Mo 16.9oz -Maine Brewing Peeper 16.9oz -Freethought Sastrugi 16oz single -Stillwater Pixaco 16oz single -Abomination Wandering Into the Fog (Rakau) 16oz single -Abomination Reapers Creepers 16oz single -Nightmare Brewing Columbian Necktie 16oz single -Omnipollo Ice Creamy White Chocolate Peach 16oz single

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