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A Moveable Feast Food Truck Friday

T-1 Day until A Movable Feast will be here slinging some awesome food between 5:00pm and 9:00pm for a good old fashion Food Truck Friday! Need something to do today? Well come on down and enjoy $5 flights until 8:00pm!

New in today:

-Wolf's Ridge Beyond Measure 6pk cans

-Wolf's Ridge Ender 6pk cans

-Wolf's Ridge Green Dreams 6pk cans

-Wolf's Ridge Keep 'em Comin' 6pk cans

-Wolf's Ridge Oktoberfest 6pk cans

-Wolf's Ridge Ridge Trail 6pk cans

-Thirsty Dog Rum Barrel Aged Bloodhound 4pk

-Thirsty Dog Barktoberfest 6pk

-White Claw No.2 Variety 12pk

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