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It's An Urban Artifact Kind of Day!

Join us on this sunny day for some wines or even some to go food. $1 off drafts and $2 off glasses of wine until 8pm tonight!

Today's new arrivals:

-Urban Artifact Vocoder 4pks -Urban Artifact Pinwheel 6pks -Urban Artifact Woodbreaker 4pks -Urban Artifact Spyglass 6pks -Urban Artifact Merlot 8oz cans -Thin Man Minkie Boodie 4pks -Thin Man Glow Worm 4pks -Thin Man Bliss 4pks -Shorts Psychedelic Cat Grass 6pks -Singlecut Whammy 16oz -Heretic Brewing Evil 3 6pks -Shacksbury Topspin 2.0 4pks -Shacksbury Rose 4pksA -Otcopl Dachs Wisconsin Lager 6pks

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