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As Black As My Heart

Tonight's Black As My Heart Menu, Specials, and new arrivals!

Today's new arrivals -Fat Heads Hop JuJu 4pks (2 4pks per please) -Heavy Seas Alpha Effect 6pks -Stone Exalted IPA 6pks -Ciderboys Peach County 6pks -Shorts Critterless 6pks -North Coast Steller IPA 6pks -Starcut Squishy 6pks

**$1.00 off all drafts and $2.00 off all glasses of wine 'til 8pm!**

Black As My Heart Flight 1. Ballast Point BA Victory At Sea 2. 3 Floyds Blot Out the Sun 3. Sierra Nevada Coco Narwhal 4. Epic Big Bad Baptista

Popped Chocolate Flight 1. Bourbon Toasted Marshmallo Chocolate 2. Sea Salt Caramel 3. Peanut Cluster Chocolate 4. Dark Chocolate Drizzled Fire House Popcorn

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