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KSU Appreciation Thursdays

Thursdays are Kent State Appreciation Day from 11am-8pm!

-$1.00 off all drafts

-$1.00 off all bourbons

-$1.00 off all moonshine

-$1.00 off all glasses of wine

-$5.00 flights

Just a couple new arrivals

-Lindemans Gift Sets (Framboise & Peche w/2 speciality glasses)

-Lindemans Strawberry 750mL

-Victory 12pk Samplers

-Victory 4 Front IPA 6pks

-Sprecher IPA 6pks

-Sprecher Citra Bomb 6pks

-Sprecher Blueberry Lambic 4pks

-Wolfs Ridge Ridge Trail 6pks

-Wolfs Ridge Howling Moon 4pks

-Wolfs Ridge Clear Sky Day Break 6pks

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