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Beersgiving Raffle Winners

Thank you to everyone who came out for our 101 Bottles Beersgiving Event--we had a blast! And a special thank you to Alan Franco & his Taste of Nawln's Food Truck for serving our customers for the evening! Your food was delish!

The raffle winners from our Beersgiving event are posted below. Phone calls are being made today! If you are a winner, please make sure to call the 101 Bottles store at 330-677-9444 to arrange a time to pick up your prize! Prizes may be claimed with the winning ticket stub, OR with a matching DRIVERS LICENSE and verification of phone number for the next week!

1. Bud Light Neon Sign: Tom Larkin Ticket 065161

2. Keystone Light Neon Sign : Nick Galloway Ticket 065175

3. Goose Island Cooler: Steve Pressler 446943

4. 101 Bottles Growler & Glass Set: Cody Nicholson Ticket 064446

5. 101 Bottles Event Art w/ Signature: CLAIMED AT EVENT

6. 101 Bottles T-Shirt SMALL: Evan Hudson Ticket 064646

7. 101 Bottles T-Shirt MEDIUM: Joel Beil Ticket 2041440

8. 101 Bottles T-Shirt LARGE: Jesse Ray Ticket 065286

9. 101 Bottles T-Shirt X-LARGE: Dennis Lange Ticket 446958

10. 101 Bottles T-Shirt XXL: Dave Dill Ticket 065152

11. Lagunitas Mason Jar Set of 4: CLAIMED AT EVENT

12. New Belgium Snifter Set of 2: Melissa Lelii Ticket 064638

13. Anderson Valley License Plate Tin: Nathan Adkins Ticket 2041368

14. Bell's 30th Anniversary Tin Sign: Joe Sidoti Ticket 064729

15. Dogfish Head Flesh & Blood Tin Sign: CLAIMED AT THE EVENT

16. New Holland Tin Sign: Christian Ballmer Ticket 064287

17. Redd's Apple Ale Tin Sign: Justin Herman Ticket 065067

18. Rusty Rail Tin Sign: David Brown Ticket 064826

19. Terrapin Tin Sign: Andy Yusko Ticket 064778

20. Twisted Tea Tin Sign: Melissa DuFour Ticket 2041529

Prizes may be claimed up until CLOSE on Friday, December 1st, 2017! Please make arrangements with a 101 Bottles MANAGER if you need an extension to pick up your prize. All prizes NOT claimed by Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 will be reentered into future event raffles!

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