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Music, Food, and Drinks Tonight

Check out our Menu for tonight: Kent 'Round Town Music Festival -Check out Artist: Randy Horvath @ 8:30pm -Dogfish Head 120 Minute on Draft Tonight! -Long Trail Brewing Feature: Smash, Green Blaze, Long Trail Ale, Harvest Maple Brown! -Wabi Sabi Wok Food Truck onsite at 6pm! -Don't be left out...sign up for our Text messaging to be 1st in Line for exclusive NEW items!

-Clown Shoes Presumptive Nominee 22oz

-Lagunitas Tuber Fest 6pks

-Latitude 42 Nectar of The Goddess 4pks

-Luna Kombucha Mango Hops Tea Beer 4pks

-Luna Kombucha Bluebird 4pks

-Luna Kombucha Bourbon Barrel Aged Black Cherry 4pks

-Market Garden Trouble 4pks

-Man Can Red Wine 4pks

-Man Can White Wine 4pks

-Robinsons Trooper Red B Black 16.9oz

-Rhinegeist Exum 22oz

-Rhinegeist Franz 6pks

-Rhinegeist Dry Hopped Cider 6pks

-Four Loko Gold 14% if you're into that kind of thing

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