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Dan is Drinking

1. Masthead Best Case Scenario
2. Stone Ruination
3. Urban Artifact Gadget
4. Fat Heads Alpha Ambush
6. New Belgium Fruit Force
7. Market Garden Frosty

101 Bottles of Beer on the Wall is open most days the year
for all of your drinking needs! 

Call our store for more information!

(330) 677-9444


101 Bottles of Beer on the Wall was founded in 1996 by three local best friends.  


Our Mission Statement:

To offer every kind of beer (and wine) imaginable to the good folks of Kent Ohio and Kent State University. 


While housing over 700 different beers and 500 different wines, as well as offering a rotating craft beer & moonshine/bourbon bar, 101 Bottles of Beer on the Wall has developed a reputation for having one of the largest and most creative selections of craft beer in the state of Ohio.  People now travel from far and wide to visit us, but we never lose sight of our local roots and our non-corporate business model.



101 Bottles of Beer on the Wall proudly remembers the life of one of our founders....James Aaron Thorrat.  Rest in peace Thor...

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