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Wine it's Wednesday!

Join us for Wine Wednesday! Enjoy $2.00 off wine by the glass until 7:00pm tonight! Want to enjoy a wine not on our menu? Well if you buy a bottle from our store (that is at least $12.99 and pay the $7.50 corkage fee) you can! I hope to see you soon! New in Today: -Crafted Pineapple Jones 16.9oz -Fat Head's Benjamin Danklin 16oz 4pk -Forbidden Root Single File Citra 16oz 4pk -Hitachino Red Rice 11.2oz single -Hoppin Frog Frogarita Turbo Shandy 4pk -Jackie O's Scrip 16.9oz single -Prairie Blueberry Boyfriend 4pk -Kentucky Strawberry Ale 4pk -Lord Hobo Boom Sauce 16oz 4pk -Prairie Cherry Bomb 12oz -Rekorderlig Peach Basil 4pk -Shorts Psychedelic Cat Grass 6pk -Shorts Soft Parade Shandy 6pk -Urban Artifact Gyroscope 4pk -MadCap Dropping Anchor 16oz 4pk -MadCap Death Save 16oz 4pk -MadCap 20 Eyes 16oz 4pk -MadCap Bullet 16oz 4pk

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