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Happy Wednesday everyone! It's a gorgeous day to enjoy some wine and beer! If that sounds good have we got a deal for you! $2.00 off wine by the glass and $1.00 off draft until 7:00pm! We'll see you soon! New in Today: -R. Shea Twitchy Peanut Butter 16oz 4pk -Hi-Wire Hazy Juicy Hoppy Fresh 16oz 4pk -Masthead Witness Me 16oz 4pk -Masthead Augenblick 16oz 4pk -Great Lakes Tidal Fury 16oz 4pk -Hawkes Pineapple Punch 6pk -Goose Island Sophie 4pk -Platform Hazy Surfer 16oz 4pk -B. Nektar Sunrise Bay 4pk -Jackie O's Convex Refraction 12.7oz single -Urban Artifact Paperweight 4pk -Urban Artifact Hotel Water 16oz 4pk


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