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Happy Beaujolais Day everyone! Come pick up a bottle and enjoy the holiday! Today is also KSU Appreciation Thursday where you can come in before 7:00pm for a myriad of deals! These deals include: -Flights $3.00 off -Moonshine pours $1.00 off -Bourbon drinks & pours $1.00 off -Wine by the Glass $1.00 off -Drafts $1.00 off Have a great day and we'll see you soon! New in Today: -Taft's Santa's Bribe 6pk -Odd Side Bourbon Barrel Hazel's Nuts 4pk -Odd Side Toasted Marshmallow and Coconut Hazel's Nuts 4pk -Odd Side Bourbon Barrel Mayan Mocha 4pk -Odd Side Don't You Forget About Me 6pk -Rogue Hazelnut 6pk -Rogue Nitro Shakespeare Stout 16oz 4pk -Spider Monkey Christmas IPA 16oz 4pk

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