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Great Lakes Event!

It's a great day to enjoy some amazing Great Lake's beers here at 101 Bottles! All the beers are tapped and currently flowing so stop in and enjoy some beers from the brewery that helped shape the craft beer world as we know it! Check event and we'll see you soon! New in Today: Thirsty Dog Imperial Hefe Weizen 16oz 4pk Ignite Staycation 16oz 4pk Stone Enjoy By 7.4.22 6pk Fair State Pilsner 16oz 4pk Flying Dog Raging Bitch 12pk Masthead Oni Giri Race Lager 16oz 4pk Toppling Goliath Radiant Haze 16oz 4pk DuClaw Sour Me America 6pk Rusty Rail Sky's Out 16oz 4pk Single: Untitled Art Tiki Sour 16oz The Brewing Projekt Bomb Seltzer Margarita 12oz The Brewing Projekt Bomb Seltzer Blackberry Raspberry 12oz Drekker Chonk PB&J Supreme 16oz Wolf's Ridge Vanilla Blanton's Lord Maris 250ml Wolf's Ridge Barrel Aged Coffee Cherry Vanilla Dire Wolf 22oz


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