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Happy Friday everyone! It's another beautiful day to sit back and relax on our patio. Personally I'd grab a Sex on the Peach for just $3.95 (until 7:00pm) and soak up some sun! New in Today: -Rhinegeist RGBev Lemmy-nade 6pk -Guinness Draught 8pk -Guinness Zero 4pk (NA) -Oskar Blues Western Mutant 6pk -Southern Tier 2x Factor 12pk -R. Shea Dessert List Coconut Macaroon 16oz 4pk -Toppling Goliath Zeelander 16oz 4pk -Hi-Wire King Cake 10w-40 16oz -Hi-Wire Italian Pilsner 16oz 4pk Singles: -Lone Pine Chocolate Tuesday 16oz -Imprint Schmoojee Joose Sour 16oz -The Brewing Projekt Blackberry Cheesecake Chomp Chomp 16oz -The Brewing Projekt Orange Drank 16oz -Piraat 750ml -Gulden Draak 750ml -Gulden Draak Quad 9000 750ml


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