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Baptist Tuesday

It's a cold one today folks. To help you through the cold we have multiple variants of Epic's Big Bad Baptist on sale today! See below for a full list and limitations! First come first serve. New in Today: -R. Shea Toarcian Ocean 16oz 4pk -Flying Dog Apple Pie 6pk -Bell's Lampshade 6pk -Bell's Bright White -Epic Big Bad Baptist Reserve 22oz (1 per customer) -Epic Bigger Badder Baptista 22oz (1 per customer) -Epic Double Double Chocolate Double Peanut Butter Cup 22oz (2 per customer) -Epic Big Bad Baptist Pecan Pie 22oz (1 per customer) -Epic Big Bad Baptist Chocolate Raspberry 22oz (2 per customer) -Epic Big Bad Baptist Sextuple 22oz (2 per customer) -Epic Grandma Van's Candy Cane Stout 16oz 4pk -Epic Big Bad Baptist 4pk cans -Drake's Brewing Best Coast IPA 6pk -Drake's Brewing Kick Back IPA 6pk -Great Lakes Triple Dog Dare 4pk -Rhinegeist Cider Snug 6pk -Lagunitas Born Yesterday 6pk -Lagunitas Sucks 6pk


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