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Final $5 Flight Thursday

Whoa guys today is the FINAL $5 Flight day here at 101 Bottles until 8:00pm. From this point on they will be $6.50 flights and run until 7:00pm.

New in Today (and yesterday):

Wolf's Ridge World Map 16oz 4pk

Wolf's Ridge Bourbon Barrel Pi 4pk/ 12oz Single

Ignite 5-4-3 Double IPA 16oz 4pk

Ignite Ignite Your Adventure 16oz 4pk

Fatheads Groovy Juice 4pk

Three Floyd's Barbarian Haze 6pk

Hoppin' Frog Ohio Turbo Shandy 16oz Single

Hoppin' Frog The Frog Abides 16oz Single

Hoppin' Frog Ramp Down Pilsner 16oz Single

Mikkeller Spontaneous Lingonberry 375mL

MadTree Smore Gratitude 6pk

Shorts DaVine 6pk

Shorts Mule Beer 6pk

To Øl Blabaer MÆlk Shake 16oz Single

Urban Artifact Polygraph 4pk

Revolution Cashemere Hero 16oz 4pk

Whiner Bleu Tub 6pk

Whiner Hell Kitty Kitty 6pk

Hop Tree Bent Tree Brown 16oz 4pk

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