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Wild and Tangy Wednesdays

Whats better on a boring cold Wednesday than coming down here to grab some new beers?

Fresh in today: -Three Floyds Arctic Panzer Wolf 12oz -Prairie All Yall 4pks -Forbidden Root Panda Party 4pks -Off Shoot Beer Co Retreat IPA 16oz -Evil Twin ETA 6 Hours? No Problem Im Sure Your Party in the Hamptons is Totally Worth the Drive 16oz -Evil Twin How Cool is This? In the Catskills We Can Get That True Upstate Experience 16oz -Nightmare Brewing Blood Eagle 16oz -Decadent Orange Cream Pop 16oz -Crafted Wild Tang 16.9oz

Next Wednesday at 6pm join us as Bells take over some taps alongside your favorite or soon to be new favorite dark beers!

-Hopslam -Arabicadabra -Light Hearted -Bright White

-Against the Grain Bo & Luke -Wolfs Ridge Grandmas Secret Recipe -Brooklyn Black Ops 2018 -Deschutes The Abyss 2018 -Stone Woot Stout 2019 Plus more to come!

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