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Friday Friyay!

If yesterday's beers werent good enough, we are back today with more goodies!

-Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue 4pks -Toppling Goliath Pompeii 4pks -Birdfish Buckeye State of Mind 4pks and 16oz -Sierra Nevada BA Narwhall 16oz cans -Sierra Nevada Skiesta 6pks -Breckenridge Rum BA Vanilla Porter 4pks -Scaldis Peche 4pks and 12oz -Avery Hazyish 6pks -Melvin 2x4 4pks -Melvin IPA 6pks -Melvin Killer Bees 6pks -Collective Arts Animal Magnetism 4pks -Masthead Jalapeno IPA 4pks

Next Wednesday January 22nd at 6pm! Troegs are taking it to our taps with rep on site for any questions! -Sunshine Pils -Nugget Nectar -Nugget Nectar Nitro -Javahead -New Scratch Series

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