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Friday? Fry Day? Fry Yay? It's all good!

Dont look now but the Sun is out and it's Friday! Not a lot of new beers but we have new event news!

-Robinsons Light Brigade 16.9oz -Robinsons Sun and Steel 16oz Cans -Rhinegeist Kappa Flounder 4pks -Rhinegeist Slangria 6pks -Troegs The Mad Elf 6pks -Saucony Creek Captain Pumpkin's Maple Mistress 4pks -Dustbowl Brewing Therapist Triple IPA 4pks -Great Lakes Ohio City Oatmeal 6pks

Join us on October 30th for our Devil's Night. Bringing you guys some of the spookiest taps yet!

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