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Friday is upon us!

Friday has finally arrived. Join us until 8pm tonight for our $1 off happy hour. Brand new menu goes live today as well!

New arrivals: -Half Acre Gone Away 4pks -Jackie os Carrots and Sticks 12.7oz -Heavy Seas Summer of the Pirate 12pks -Platform Hard Seltzer Mixed 12pks -Platform Avitas 6pks -Goose Island Rhubarb 312 4pks -Destihl Pina Colada Gose 4pks -Rusty Rail Fools Gold 6pks -Millersburg Tangilicious 6pks -Southern Tier Sapsquatch 16.9oz -Southern Tier Citrus Punch 4pks -Nowhere In Particular Batch 33 New England IPA 4pks -Brew Dog Pina Playa 6pks -Brew Dog Punk IPA 12pks

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