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Wednesday Hump Day!

We got a lot of beer today. Come check some of it out!

-Prairie Vape Tricks 4pks -Prairie/Evil Twin Even More Bible Belt 16oz cans -North Coast Cherry Berliner Weisse 4pks -Stone Espresso Totalitarian 6pks -Jackie Os Gingham 16.9oz -Urban Artifact Squeezebox 4pks -Urban Artifact The Gadget 4pks -The Bruery Bakery 16oz cans -Decadent Ales Winter Spice French Toast 16oz cans -Decadent Ales Strawberry Frosted Pastry 16oz cans -Decadent Ales Mango Coconut Smoothie 16oz cans -Decadent Ales Blueberry Cream Pop 16oz cans -Evil Twin This IPA is Kind of a Big Deal 16oz cans -Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail 4pks -Evil Twin This is Where IPAS Must Go When They Die 16oz cans -Evil Twin Even More Coco Jesus 16oz cans -Evil Twin No Hero 4pks -Evil Twin Big Ass Money Stout 16oz cans -Evil Twin 90 Day Dry Aged Stout 16oz cans -Stillwater Blown Speakers 16oz cans -Stillwater Strobe Lights 4pks -Omnipollo Shploing! 12oz cans -Omnipollo Pleroma 12oz cans -Omnipollo Zodiak Multiverse 4pks -Fat Orange Cat A Bakers Dozen 16oz cans -Fat Orange Cat Focless Monster 16oz cans -Nightmare Brewing Windlass of Erasmum 16oz cans -Nightmare Brewing Scaphism 16oz cans

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