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Thanksgiving Came Early!

It's only Monday and we got quite the shipment of new beers.

-Lagunitas Willetized Coffee Stout 22oz -SweetWater Exodus Jamaican Coffee Porter 6pk -Southern Tier Cinnamon Roll 4pks -Troegs Blizzard Of Hops 6pks -Erie Skipper Stout 6pks -Abita BBA Imperial Stout 22oz -Abita Office Party 6pks -Ace Ginger Cider 6pks -Tommyknocker Maple Nut Brown Ale 6pks -Tommyknocker Blood Orange IPA 6pks -Tommyknocker Cocoa Porter 6pks -Tommyknocker Green Chile Lager 6pks -Tommyknocker Peach Cream Ale 6pks -Founders Azacca 6pks and 15pks -Ellicotteville Lloyds Christmas 4pks -Epic Drama Juice 6pks

Come get out of the this nasty weather and check out the bar specials! Specials run from 11am until 8pm tonight! -$2.00 off all Moonshine drinks -$1.00 off all drafts.

Wednesday is the big day! Come and join us for the biggest drinking night of the year with out friends at Masthead Brewing Co.! Event kicks off at 6pm sharp friends.

Potential draft list: -Saturday Night Transfer -2 Trick Pony -Sleigh All Day -IPA -Single Origin Coffee Stout -Abuela's Porter

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