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The Weekend is finally here

It's Friday! Come check out our new beer menu and browse the new arrivals!

We have $1.00 off drafts until 8pm tonight and open until 2:30am! Today's new arrivals: -Whiner Watermelon Bubble Tub 6pks -Whiner Le Tub 6pks -Whiner Miaou 6pks -Whiner Hell Kitty Kitty 6pks -Prairie Birthday BOMB! 12oz -Prairie Paradise 12oz Cans -Rhinegeist Maracuja 22oz -Rhinegeist Metaphysical Mango 16.9oz -Boulder Due East Hazy NEIPA 6pks -Latitude 42 Powerline Porter 4pks -Rusty Rail Model T 4pks -Dogfish Head Fruitful Fort 12oz -Lord Hobo 12pk New England Sampler -Virtue Chery Cider 6pks -Virtue Michigan Apple 6pks -Wolf's Ridge Driftwood 6pks -Wolf's Dire Wolf 4pks

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