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Friday Friday!

It's Finally Friday! Come down grab a beer for a $1 off until 8pm!

Check out some of the new arrivals while youre at it!

-Vandermill Cherry Chucker 4pks -Brothers Drake PB & J Mead 375mL -Alesmith Logical Choice 6pks -Platform Bucket Of Gloves 6pks -Platform Where The Sky Ends 16oz -Platform Up Against the Wall 16oz -Terrapin Luau 6pks -Downeast Double Blend 4pks -Columbus Creeper 4pks -Urban Artifact Postcard 6pks -Mispillion Pineapple Express 6pks -Saugatuck Lemonade Blueberry Shandy 6pks -Downeast Double Blend 4pks

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