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Cold Weather is no reason to not buy beer!

Today's specials are running from 11am until 8pm!

-$1.00 off all drafts

-$2.00 off all glasses of wine!

Today;s new arrivals:

-Left Hand Juicy Goodness 6pks

-Dogfish Head Dragons and Yum Yum 6pks

-B Nektar Kill all the Golfers 16.9oz

-Against the Grain Citra Ass Down 4pks

- Aloha Traveler 6pk can

-Brew Dog Freak State 6pk can

-Brew Dog Jet Black Heart 6pk can

-Brew Dog Juggernaut 6pk can

-Columbus Bodhi 4pk

-Flying Dog Summer Rental Radler 6pk

-Kindred Biere de Mars 500ml

-Kindred Tropical Tryst 500ml

-Kindred Plum Blosson 500ml

-Kindred Currant Events 500ml

-Lagunitas Waldo 6pk

-Nowhere In Particular Batch 021 4pk can

-Samuel Adam Porch Rocker 6pk

-Southern Tier Samoa This 500ml

-Truly Wild Berries 6pk can

Join us next Friday The 13th @6pm for our Brew Dog feature with The Slop Truck!


-Hazy Jane

-Cocoa Psycho

-Freak State

All on tap with some swag to give away and and you get to meet Brian from Brew Dog!

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