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Hump Day Haul!

New in today:

Breckenridge Nitro Irish Stout 4pk can

Crafted Bananas Foster Forever 500ml

Elevator Ghost Scorpion 12oz bottles

Evil Twin A is for Apricot 4pk can

Evil Twin Moltov Surprise 4pk can

Evil Twin Even More Coco Jesus 16oz can

Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break 16oz can

Evil Twin IPA Kolata

Evil Twin/Omnipollo Half & Half Lemonade Iced Tea IPA 4pks

Fat Heads Hop Juju 4pk

MadTree Dreamsicle 6pk can

Omnipollo NOA Pecan Mudcake 12oz can

Omnipollo Shploing! 12oz can

Omnipollo Shoutao 16oz can

Revolution Galaxy Hero 6pk can

Wolf's Ridge Cinnamon Toast Brunch 22oz

Wolf's Ridge Coconut Howling Moon 22oz

Wolf's Ridge One Line Coffee Dire Wolf 22oz

Wolf's Ridge Night Method 22oz

Wolf's Ridge Nippert Barleywine 22oz

Wolf's Ridge Dire Wolf 4pk

Happy Hour Specials 11am-8pm:

-$2.00 off wine by the glass

-$1.00 off all draft beer

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