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Today's Specials and New In

Today's Specials and Hours -$2.00 off all Glasses of Wine 'til 8pm -$1.00 off all Drafts 'til 8pm -Open 11am-2:30am today

New In Today -Boulder Mojo Risin' 4pks -Dogfish Head Immort Ale 4pks -Jackie Os Morning Cloak 6pks -Kentucky Blackberry Porter 4pks -Mikkeller Keeper 4pks -Against the Grain Pile of Faces 4pks -Against the Grain Bay & Pepper Your Bretts 750mL -Three Floyds Space Station Middle Finger 12oz -Evil Twin No Hero 4pks -Evil Twin Wet Dream 4pks -Evil Twin Liquid Double Fudge 22oz -Stillwater Pineapple Fields 22oz -Urban Family Efflorescent Heartbeat 500mL

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