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Food Truck Friday Kicks off Tonight!

Tonight at 6pm we kick off Food Truck Fridays with Wabi-Sabi Wok Works with a Great Lakes Brewing Company Tap Feature. -Barrel Aged Blackout Stout -Chillwave -Grandes Lagos -Turntable Pils -Steady Rollin IPA -Alberta Clipper

-Flying Dog Berliner Weiss 6pks

-Flying Dog Ancho Lime Paradise Lager 6pks

-Platform Orange Blossom Gose 6pks

-Great Lakes Steady Rollin 6pks

-Smalltown Not Your Fathers Vanilla Cream Ale 6pks

-B Nektar Zombies Take Manhattan 500mL

-B Nektar Miltons Madness 375mL

-Boulevard Can Fan Variety 12pk

-Boulevard Tropical Pale Ale 6pks

-Ciderboys Pineapple Cider 6pks

-Jackie Os New Growth 6pks

-Ommegang Fleur De Houblon 4pks

-Schramms Nutmug Mead 375mL

-Schramms Ginger Mead 375mL

-Fat Heads Trail Head 6pks

-Sixpoint Puff 4pks

-Buffalo Bills Alimony Ale 6pks

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