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Merry Sithmas Episode 13 and Deths Tar

Day 6 of the 12 Days of Beermas. Help us celebrate Christmas and the kick off the Star Wars The Force Is Awakens.

-B. Nektar Episode 13.

It’s a dark time for the rebel army. The evil empire has tightened its grip and has silenced the rebels’ voice. In an effort to strengthen their cause, the rebels sent out thousands of bottles across the galaxy. But the Imperial troops are hot on their trail. The revolution begins today. Help us B. Nektar fans... You’re our only hope. May the pours be with you.

Also in today

-Flying Dog Bloodline Closeout special!!! Great for Christmas Parties

-Victory Hop Ranch 4pks

-Jackie Os Hop Ranch

-Latitude 42 Lucifers Cuvee 4pks

-Brew Kettle All For One 4pks

-Ciderboys 12pk Sampler

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