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Throwing a party?  Just got a kegerator?  Looking for the latest deals?  Come by and check out our beer cave!  Inside you will find an assortment of cases, cans and kegs--oh my!  We regularly keep in stock over 30 Pony Kegs (1/6 barrel kegs) and over a dozen 5L mini kegs.  Don't see the one you want?  Ask a member of our staff to help you order and reserve your next keg!


**1/6 barrel kegs = 661oz (approximately fifty-five 12oz beers)

Keg prices $60.00 and up!  Come up to the 101 Bottles Retail Store and check out our selection!


**Keg Deposit $30.00 per keg

**5-Day Pony Pump Tap Rental $30.00 (with the purchase of a keg)

**All deposits and rentals will be returned in cash upon return!

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